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Shine Package Design

Package design concept for fruit chews for Good Day Farm. Designs created in Illustrator, and mocked up in Dimension.

The Brief

Fruit Chews with a Wellness Vibe

This was a concept for Good Day Farm to create a design for a “fit gummy.” They wanted to create a packaging that would be easy to modify for flavor implementation, as the flavors were still in R&D. They wanted to  market these as a health and wellness product, emphasizing the supplement and mood-enhancer properties of the product, with less focus on the psychoactive effect, as this product was designed to have minimal effect in that regard.

Designing packaging for cannabis products creates a lot of interesting and unique challenges, especially for a brand that distributes nationally like GDF. Legal and compliance labeling is incredibly important with these products, and packaging needs to be designed accordingly. Furthermore, some states have specific requirements about which colors and fonts can be used, as not to appear to be marketing to children.

The Solution

A Versatile Package Design, built with modification in mind

I chose the name “Shine” for this product to convey a sense of warmth and positivity, emphasizing its role as a daytime supplement rather than a recreational item. The choice of an earthy color palette in the initial design adds a mature tone, clearly positioning it as an adult-oriented offering.

The labeling is designed to meet the regulations of my home state, Arkansas. However, the design is flexible, featuring movable elements and ample negative space, enabling seamless integration of larger or additional compliance labels to accommodate various markets.

The colors were implemented using global swatches that could be easily changed for different flavors, and I created a few sample flavors to show what this might look like.

The designs were created in Adobe Illustrator and mocked up using Adobe Dimension.