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Freshly Dropped

Case study for an app concept for a fictional food service that delivers a fresh selection of in-season, farm-to-table meat and produce weekly. Logo and UI Design.

This is a concept recipe app and grocery subscription service called Freshly Dropped.

The items are sourced from local suppliers, carefully selected according to our customer’s wishes and needs and delivered right to their doorstep, making it incredibly easy to eat healthy, delicious, and local.

I started sketching on paper to develop a concept for a logo.

I knew I wanted to create a parachute shape, first creating the shape with a leaf before moving on to the citrus wedge. The fonts were chosen to communicate a local marketplace, farmer’s-market-but-trendy vibe.

The companion app for this concept pairs recipes with the grocery deliveries. The concept wasn’t for a meal kit per se, but to suggest recipes using common ingredients from the delivery service to reduce food waste by offering unique suggestions to reuse the same fresh, seasonal ingredients. Something like Misfits Market meets Blue Apron.

Once I had the concept together, I started sketching out wireframes for the app and creating a prototype in Figma.