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Newsletter Graphics

Graphics from Top Three, the weekly email newsletter for the Central Arkansas Library System.

The Brief

Graphics for the Top Three Newsletter

Top Three is the Central Arkansas Library System’s weekly newsletter. It gives an overview of events and programs, focusing on special events, performances, and systemwide programs.

Having eye-catching graphics makes the information easier to parse at a glance, and breaks up the text to make it easier to read.

The Solution

Standardized Sizes for a Versatile Template

Setting up a template with three image sizes makes it faster and more efficient to create well-designed, easily-legible layouts. The square size is useful for social media as well, and the banner sizes are easily modified for other digital ads. Each format allows for designs with eye-catching graphics, as well as placement of critical information like branch, date, and time that readers might miss in the text.

Staff Picks and Branch Highlights

Features from the collection, interviews with staff, and special events at our branches. Square images are also good for social media.

Featured Events

Special events and systemwide programs. Large feature images to draw attention.

Holiday & Event Banners

Smaller banners, usually to advise about branch closings, or reinforce advertising for ongoing events, fundraisers, or programs.