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Six Bridges Presents

Flyers and social media graphics for a series of virtual author talks organized by the Six Bridges Book Festival Committee.

The Brief

A Distinct Identity for "Six Bridges Presents"

Author Talks, both in-person and virtual, are a common type of event for the library. However, they are often sponsored or hosted by different outreach groups, event teams, or partner organizations, leading to the necessity of distinct identities for different series. This distinction helps patrons promptly associate each event with its respective series or organization

While the Six Bridges Book Festival primarily takes place in autumn, the committee extends its reach beyond the season by organizing these author talks year-round. The promotional materials for these events play a crucial role in reinforcing the organization’s presence, ensuring the festival remains a fixture in patrons’ awareness.

The Solution

Branded Templates for Print and Social Media

Creating templates using a modified version of the library’s color palette gives Six Bridges events their own identity while still tying them back to the library’s branding.

The template design features the author name, as well as their latest book, using large images to feature cover artwork and promotional photos we receive from the authors.

The flyers are designed in InDesign, and the social media templates are created in Canva, so they can be easily edited by the social media manager.